‘World Cup’ Hong Kong – update last day

Last day in Hong Kong:
The men’s madison where the World Champions  Roger Kluge and Theo Reinhardt  won with a 20 point lap gain, albeit with some crashes and missed hand slings along the way!
 What a Women’s Keirin final! It was unpredictable all the way but Hyejin Lee turned on the gas in the final stretch to power to victory!
Heyjin Lee
Liubov Bosova
Yuka Kobayashi
6. Shanne Braspennincx (Ned)
 He is  unstoppable so far this track world cup season!
 NCREDIBLE sprint from Harie Lavrysen to close down and come round a surprise long attack from Jeffrey Hoogland  to win gold once again in the men’s sprint. That’s why he’s world champion!
Harry Lavrysen
Jeffrey Hoogland
Tomohiro Fukaya
4. Mateusz Rudyk