‘World Cup’ Hong Kong – team sprint

World champions Jeffrey Hoogland, Harrie Lavreysen and Roy van der Berg were the winners of the men’s competition in 42,271, with Germany’s Timo Bichler, Stefan Botticher and Eric Engler second in 43,436.
France’s Gregory Bauge, Michael D’Almeida and Rayan Helal completed the podium places in 43,395.

Pauline Grabosch and Emma Hinze combined to claim victory in the women’s event in 32.564, with China’s Lin Junhong and Zhong Tianshi trailing in 32.784.
Bronze was taken home by Zhang Linyin and Zhuang Wei, who represented the China National Track Stars team. The duo clinched gold in 33.065, with Poland’s Marlena Karwacka and Urszula Los missing out on the podium in 33.078.

Men team sprint
1. Netherlands     42,271
2. Germany         43,436
3. France             43,395
4. New Zealand 43,736
5. Poland
6. Japan
7. Team Erdgas 2012
8. Trinidad & Tobago
  Women team sprint
1. Germany 32,564
2. China      32,784
3. China Ttack Stars 33,065
4. Poland 33,078
5. Mexico
6. CYT (China)
7. Lithuania
8. Netherlands