‘World Cup Brisbane’- day 1

after Cambridge the Japanse men were  again the best in the team sprint
In two nail biting finishes, the Australian cycling teams took out dual gold in the men’s and women’s team pursuit!
After a detailed study of the photo finish, there was glory for the Polish women. The Russian ladies rode the same time!!
Men team pursuit
Australia 3:49,776
New Zealand 3:53,601
Switersland 3:50,491
4e Germany 3:54.497
  Women team pursuit
Australia 4:13,237
New Zealand 4:13,553
Canada 4:17,509
4e USA 4:21,540

podium women team sprint
Men team sprint
Japan 42,912
Poland 45,408
New Zealand 43,406
4e  Great Britain 44,177
5. Russian Federation
6. Trinidad & Tobago
7. Gazprom-RusVelo
8. Australia

Women team sprint
Poland 33,029
Russian Federation 33,029
Australia 33,164
4e  New Zealand 33,511
5.  CYT (China)
6.  China
7.  Colombia
8.  Ukraine