Trinidad & Tobago: ‘Easter Classic’

Nicholas Paul en Barbadian Jamol Eastmond shared the spotlight on the opening night van de ‘Easter Cycling Classic’ at the Arima Velodrom op vrijdgavond.
The 20-year-old Paul whom last month was ranked as the fourth-best cyclist among the men’s elite sprint by the UCI, an improvement from a position of tenth in February dominated his fellow national sprint team members to take top spot in the keirin final.
It was an epic start to the two-day event as the full contingent of the sprint team inclusive of Olympian Njisane Phillip, Keron Bramble, Kwesi Browne and Paul all participating in all of the elite/international events.
Eastmond, the “Most Outstanding” elite cyclists last year proved unbeatable in the other elite/international rides, taking top spot in the elimination, 10 km tempo race as well as the closing event, the 35 laps points race. The competition concluded last night.(zaterdagavond)

podium men keirin final
Keirin final
1. Nicholas Paul
2. Keron Bramble
3. Jabari Whiteman

1. Jamol Eastmond (Bar)
2. Kemp Orosco
3. Keron Bramble


Tempo Race 10 km
1. Jamol Eastmond (Bar)
2. Adam Alexader
3. Kemp Orosco

Points Race (35 laps)
1. Jamol Eastmond (Bar)
2. Edwin Sutherland (Bar)
3. Keron Bramble