‘Madison Sports Group’ wil terug naar Hong Kong

De CEO van de ‘Madison Sports Group’  James Durbin is enthousiast  
James Durbin, CEO of event owner Madison Sports Group, said: “We’re delighted with the reception PRURide Six Day has received in Hong Kong. The racing on track has been first class and the atmosphere within the velodrome, electric. There is clearly a high appreciation of the sport among the fans in Hong Kong who have embraced Six Day racing from the first gun. “I’d like to express our gratitude to our title sponsor Prudential Hong Kong, all of our commercial partners, the Cycling Association of Hong Kong and the Home Affairs Bureau for their support in bringing the excitement of Six Day racing to Hong Kong. We look forward to returning next year.”

Nicky Degrendele kon in Hong Kong de relegation van Pruszkow  ‘weg fietsen’
Derek Yung, Chief Executive Officer of Prudential Hong Kong Limited, added, “We are proud to have played a big part in the success of PRURide Six Day Hong Kong and are delighted to see the popularity of this event. With 68 elite riders coming from all corners of the world and over six thousand spectators in the velodrome, we have enjoyed an action-packed weekend and a true festival of track cycling. The racing has been fast paced and the passion of the riders and fans alike, there for everyone to see. We look forward to seeing PRURide return next year and the continued growth of cycling in Hong Kong.”