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    Old Driver 'Profke' doing revolutionary discovery

    This discovery did not remember Job Hold You

    When I had announced Monday night that everyone another drink of the case could eat since the time of closing apace approached was "Profke 'to me. "May I speak to you in the morning in private?" He asked. "It's nothing serious," he added. "Of course," I replied, because why would I want one of my most sympathetic regulars refuse his request.
    The next morning he was early in the café. After I had served him his usual citroentje with sugar, I asked him the reason for his early visit.
    "I've spent the last week rather dealt with the pressing question, a cyclist with large protruding ears now advantage or disadvantage that he or she has these body parts?" The fact that 'Profke' and retire yet with such issues occupied was known to me. After having completed high school, he indeed has successfully completed a study theoretical physics at the University of Utrecht. After college, he was cum laude, he resumed his cycling career successfully. His numerous victories in the former category of amateurs soon led to a professional contract with the formation of "The Climb Goat '. Started as water carrier, he soon grew into his foreman. His course insight ensured that he became the confidant and road captain of the team.

    Already during his cycling career, gave his colleagues and the general public to him, for reasons of his erudition nicknamed "Profke."
    After his second drink I had poured answered his question that it is established that such large protrusions naturally catch much wind. And that an obstacle, even in still air. But there are also advantages to. There is also something like wind in the back, and you hear the sound of the speaker better and enjoy more intense the applause from the stands or from behind the fences. "Nevertheless, I would choose to treat riders and riders with those big floppy ears otherwise. It must be addressed by the UCI in collaboration with the national associations, "I was told. "You may not agree with me but give the current top sport it is precisely the minor differences that prevail. They now determine precisely the difference between profit and loss, "he continued his speech. "What about, for example, an aerodynamic nose. I noticed that cyclists with lifted sense of smell, a pug nose, perform much worse than riders with a big snot box. These riders get much more oxygen. This week I have a simple formula from the aromatic dynamics calculated the advantage and come to the startling conclusion that someone with a large pinch of shaved, which of course bears no mustache, has an advantage of 4 m / h. I came out of the same power consumption, lower turning point but from different eating habits. "" Is it possible that you are the future coaches of track and road, which will hopefully soon be appointed by the federation are, this information toespeelt, "he kindly me. "I think the future in cycling will soon belong to the riders and riders with big noses. It is done with the appropriate diet. The pharmaceuticals may remain in the pharmacy. You will see that there are increasingly the nose for pick up. After I had promised him his revolutionary discovery in an appropriate manner to those responsible for the federation to channel we took after he had consumed some little lemon, friendly farewell.

    Girlfriend 'The Eagle' for therapeutic treatment to UCI

    Then Tuesday very early 'The Eagle' at about 19:00 my catering establishment stepped inside, I saw immediately his face and the way he threw his cap toward peg something was bothering him. After he sat down at the table for regulars and a "parrot soup," called us Kopstootje, had ordered I asked him if the weather was against him. "No," he replied gruffly, "but I've been last weekend with my new girlfriend to the track cycling World Championships in Apeldoorn, and that pleased me very badly," he snapped at me. "Are you also went to that great cycling event," I asked him. "Do you like old driver may not like all those thousands of visitors enjoyed pure sport." "Of course, but I had my new girlfriend never have to take," he growled. Note; After a marriage of over fifty years was "The Eagle" last summer widower. Recently he has a young girlfriend from Friesland, which is called by my regulars' Sonnema. "The misery began when entering the Omnisport. She really wanted to sit on the terrace, Area 1, between the VIPS, especially for persons with perhaps an award or another medal. She also wanted such a green scarf around her neck and a glass of sherry and tasty snack in hand to watch the cycling. When we finally were seated in the stands was her first remark; "That track is totally impassable, all riders and cyclists will soon fly off the road." She was impressed by the German sprinter Robert Förstemann, chord, but they roared so loud and still in the Frisian his upper legs, shoulders and chest had to kiss everybody was on us to see if we were from Uzbekistan. Grégory Bauge calling them "a nice piece," and Sunday afternoon she spoke at the madison nothing but nice legs and bum. Sir Chris Hoy called them a man with no class. She had at least expected him to honor with bowler hat and ride around and some sprinters were, according to her failed griesmeelpuddingen on a bicycle. When I was in the toilet, she has some say 'Boeddabuik' shouted to a heavily swollen rider from Kyrgyzstan. She figured the spot for any sprinter who was driven home a name that reminded me of extinct mammals.
    When Victoria Pendleton by Anna Meares was eliminated, she said that the English at

    her breakfast probably the bacon, the White beans in tomato sauce and definitely the black pudding (blood sausage) was forgotten and the appointment of tijdtip her tea with cake had not yet digested. Each participant and participant received her report figures and showed them to everyone. Our national sprinter received a five to a four demarreren for acceleration and eight for behavior and cleanliness. For a sur place no one got enough. Some sprinters were given a nine to look back.
    To anyone who would listen, but she said that the UCI commissioners were lightweights, which are plagued by a woman at home with carpet beater and a rolling pin.
    He went cumbersome sit on another chair ordered another Kopstootje and continued his monologue. "I was cycling not miss but the forced stay with my girlfriend by my side I'd gladly swapped for a seat next to a real connoisseur.
    Now many thought at the stand that I do not have sufficient knowledge cycling.
    I did Sunday night on the verge of breaking my relationship but when I saw her standing next to the bed with her perfect body, I changed my mind. I saw her this morning signed up for a therapeutic treatment by the international federation so that the next World Championships in Apeldoorn again, but now as an expert on the stand will take place.

    Old drivers critical opening ceremony World Cup track Genealogical table

    What many may not know is that Runway Guard with his lovely wife a thriving catering establishment called "The sports world" operates south of the large rivers. To my regulars include lots of old road and track riders often accompanied by their still thriving, heavily bejeweled ladies, partners or new friends. The old drivers who "the world of sports' frequent (sometimes frequent) visits date back to the era of Flemish giants like themselves say. Thick bacon necks, with a lot of stomach and buttock, the real hard stoempers, which the West European 'roads' plagued. Genuine pace executioners instead of that skinny males nowadays. Their conversations in the café almost always go on cycling. Because of their age, some try their birthday more than eighty candles to blow out they make great use of their memories but also the actuality almost daily discussed. Then people in the café sometimes heated discussions.

    Similarly, last night when I told them I had been to the Omnisport to see the current and future medalists during their training to work and the impressions I had gained there. Homeric laughter befell me. The fact that a Belgian if it is the best cyclist of all time, the official opening of a cycling event which takes place in our country, performed at many old drivers is not in the taste. "We still have drivers that we can be proud," was the opinion of many. What was said about the stroke of genius to Sven Kramer at the last minute to show up for an assistant and Jeroen van de Boom, which is rumored to sing some written specifically for this event love songs is not suitable for publication.

    "Do you know that banging a World Cup for the UCI and show off their ladies organized, which run from one banquet to the subsequent reception offered them," said the Flea, which formerly was also a uistekend track cyclist. "I know someone who, when the time of his life is awarded during the World Cup on the road in 2012 to Valkenburg is honored for his two hundred fifty five hundredth reception and dinner visit. This man is nearly fifty years into the breach for the sport, and does so with so much dedication that he has already seen riders or rider in forty years, "said the Eagle, praised very earlier to his climbing abilities, above everything and everyone . "Dejeuneren, dinner, supper, and entertain its know only French terms that such people," added the Insect because his prickly comments by his friends called, still subtly increasing. He uttered those words blameless because he has driven a number of years for a French cycling team and has served after ten years in the Foreign Legion.

    I was sad all their statements, have a tour générale poured and left several hours earlier than usual the taproom, leaving my wife with what she always so genteel 'our clients' calls.