Cavendish wil alsnog naar de Spelen

Tot onze verbazing lazen we deze week:
“Mark Cavendish outlines plans to try for 2020 Olympics.”
Mark Cavendish will have an eye on the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo when he returns to the track this winter.

We citeren: “I love to represent my country, I’m proud to be British and I’m proud to represent the jersey of the flag I was born under. “It’s always a massive honour for me. I’m incredibly patriotic and the pinnacle of that is at the Olympics. Who wouldn’t want to go? If I could go to throw the javelin I’d love to go.”
The Manxman has had preliminary discussions with British Cycling coaches about what he would need to do to make that a reality.
Any plans will be dependent on his next move on the road, with Cavendish’s contract with Team Dimension Data ending this winter..