Bad news for the UCI Track teams

Revitalisation or demolition?
We are of the opinion that revitalisation of track cycling is bad news for he UCI track teams
Trade teams will not be allowed to ride track World Cups as UCI overhauls calendar

Bad news for squads like UCI Beat Cyling team who have shone in previous events The World Cup will change its name to the ‘UCI Track Cycling Nations’ Cup and will be reserved solely for national teams.

This is bad news for outfits like Beat Cycling team, who have blazed a trail for trade teams by beating national squads in the team sprint. 
Huub-Wattbike (Gbr) also achieved fantastic results in the team pursuit
Plans have also been unveiled for a new race format organised between November 2021 and February 2022, aimed at widening the appeal of track cycling.
In the new race, individual riders will participate under their national flag but the UCI hasn’t confirmed full details.